Objectives of the Trust

The objectives of the Trust are;

to create funding solutions and other services for all education institutions ('Schools') in New Zealand

to ensure that all participating schools will be directly rewarded for their efforts, and

ideally, to ensure that extra curricular projects are targeted.

The Trustees consider that these objectives are unique and offer schools unparalleled opportunities to advance education.

Most schools have expressed enthusiasm towards an independent, professionally run non-profit Trust providing them with the opportunity to access major corporates, and their products and services, to assist in their funding needs and to provide other services where appropriate.

The aim of the Trust is to create partnerships with major corporate organisations and schools in mutually beneficial programmes focusing on extra-curricular funding solutions and other services. Thereby investing in the future of New Zealand by supporting sport, the arts and cultural activities at grassroots level.

The Trust’s main goal is to contribute towards balanced human development, focusing on participation in physical, artistic and cultural areas.

1999/2000 Stars for Schools Charitable Trust NZ